Artecta quality

Natural product

Formed over thousands of years and extracted from the heart of the earth, the stone is split by hand through cleavage, respecting its natural morphology.

Lasts for centuries

The unique quality of slate guarantees durability over time, far superior to any other type of cladding.

High aesthetic value

Valuable product that significantly increases the value of the building on which it is placed, enriches it and makes it unique.

It does not absorb or stain

Thanks to the metamorphic geological origin, slate has a very low coefficient of absorbency which can reach up to 0.10 as a percentage.


  • Product that provides thermal insulation, maintaining interiors heated or cool, as necessary.
  • Disperses high and low frequency wave emissions and static electricity produced daily by household appliances.

Resistant to chemical agents

Our range of colours is highly resistant to chemical agents so as not to show any change when used for roofing in highly polluted areas.

Resistant to frost

It has a low absorption rate, a feature that prevents it from cracking in cold climates.

Eco-friendly material produced respecting the environment

  • Artecta is a completely natural product and the extraction takes place in controlled quarries with low environmental impact;
  • Processing does not involve any chemical processes and no smoke is emitted in the environment;
  • The powder produced is reduced completely and the water used in the processing is purified and reused in the processing;

Waste from the various stages of production is not disposed of but reused.

Artecta is a brand of International Slate Company, which is a certified company in its turn:

  • ISO 9001 quality of the production cycle;
  • ISO 14001 production that respects the environment.

The company certificates are issued by the Ri.NA. certification agency and reconfirmed through periodic inspections.

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