6 Ways In Which You Can Determine The Sustainability Of Natural Stones

24 May 2018 - Posted By - Gestione Posted In : Natural Stone

When remodeling our home, we must be careful with the material that is used for that remodeling. In the case that we are using natural stones, we must be aware of how much the type of stone can endure, especially because we usually use it in our kitchen, so it is necessary to take into account certain aspects that can tell us a lot about the sustainability of the stone. Below are 6 ways in which you can determine the natural stone sustainability.

  1. Durability: In order to know about the sustainability of natural stones, first of all, we must ask about their durability, since the longer you have life, metaphorically speaking of course, then much more sustainable it becomes and you can endure even more weight than you can think. So, it is the first thing that we should inquire about the natural stone that we want in our home.

  2. Recyclable: The fact of looking for a stone that is recyclable for our kitchen, allows us to help the environment a bit, since in some way there is the possibility that this stone has been used previously in something else and that has been modified by such a processor and we have modified it as we have it in front of our faces. In some way, it also implies sustainability in the stone, because nothing is being recycled.

  3. Reusable: At this point, it is a little the same as in the previous one since the stones that are reused are those that have become obsolete from a rather old structure but have not lost their sustainability and that is precisely why they are being reused.

  4. Maintenance:Natural stones that need less maintenance are the ones that have greater sustainability since their long life and hardness turn them into stones that do not need more care than a simple cleaning. So we must look for all those types of natural stones that do not need a maintenance that goes beyond the simple.

  5. Thermal benefits: When we find natural stones that maintain perfect thermal comfort, we have found the ideal stone for our home. In case we want to make the walls or cover them with this type of stone since they manage to maintain the right temperature in the same place, the whole architecture is much more sustainable than we can imagine.

  6. Ecological: In summary, as we have seen in all the previous points, we need to find natural stones that are totally ecological, as these are precisely the most durable, which will lend us a much more sustainable architecture, regardless of the place where we want to use it

So, you must go for a natural stone that meets the above characteristics, or at least most of them. You can get the get the best natural stone from ARTESIA which is an Italian brand certified by ITPI (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers). They are a stone manufacture for the private house also and they have the Artesia stones available in the best qualities and the company is also an international slate company.

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